My yoga group practices are exclusively male.

In Paris, my yoga classes are naked.
In India, my yoga classes are dressed.

The practice of naked yoga is an opportunity to practice in a natural way, without constraint of clothing, freely and in a healthy and protected environment.

My practice and the way I teach YOGA is creative and intuitive. My path and my YOGA training are based on Hatha Yoga, embellished with the Yoga method of BKS Iyengar. I recently added the elements of deep abdominal reinforcement with protection and lengthening of the spine by applying the methods of Bernadette de Gasquet.

My classes are intimate and adapt to participants.
I take the time to adjust, correct, propose.

My classes are long, they last at least two hours and allow to approach in detail and with precision the different facets of a physical yoga practice.

My yoga classes include static and dynamic exercises, physical and energetic awareness, placement and breathing work, muscle strengthening, stretching and restorative postures, as well as opportunities for relaxation, reflection and meditation.

My lessons are demanding and balanced, they allow each practitioner to progress according to their own abilities.

In yoga, the more you advance, the more you discover the subtle dimensions of postures and breathing.

Obviously, progression also improves flexibility, alignment and muscle capacity.

Each participant must agree to work at their own level and use the accessories proposed to avoid injury and find the depth of postural work.

On new and full moon days, I offer a 3-hour practice sessions.
For the new moon, the energies are low, the practice is therefore passive, mediative and includes Pranayama exercises.
For the full moon, the energies are high, the practice is based on the exploration and physical interaction between the participants. Depending on the energy, the exploration can be that of stretching, energies, breaths … a “tantric” approach to the practice of yoga, it is of course accompanied by an adapted meditative practice.

My lessons are done in privacy, respect and camaraderie,
The number of participants is limited.

General class, all levels – 7 participants maximum
New Moon session – 4 participants maximum
Full Moon session – 6 participants maximum

My practice space is in Paris 18th
Located between the Barbès and Château Rouge metro stations

My practice uses accessories, they are all provided: carpet, straps, bricks and blankets.

3 wall hanging stations are available

All levels are accepted
The courses are sometimes bilingual FR / EN

For beginners,
it is advisable to arrive a little early for their first lesson and limit their practice to their abilities, to observe and listen rather than wanting to push themselves beyond their abilities.

For people with physical complications / difficulties,
it is advisable to start with private lessons,
then consider integrating a group practice.


2 hour sessions
25 euros per unit
22 euros by pack of 5 lessons

3 hour sessions
Full and New Moon
35 euros

Reservation is mandatory
Payment is made once reservation is accepted



Monday / Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday at 10 a.m.


WORKSHOPS to complement your practice



90 minutes of tailor made practice
110 Euros
Monday and Wednesday
Reservation is required


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