Due to the lockdown here in France, I will be offering ‘video lessons’ online.

I will be offering online classes throughout the week. The detailed calendar is linked below, changes are possible, please check the coming week program and set up your own reminders.

To participate in these online classes, receive login details and online practice information, you will need to register here

The lessons will not be naked, at least not on my side, but you have your freedom to practice naked if you wish.

I will do my best to observe the practitioners and make corrections.

All participants will need to have their camera active at the start of the course to introduce themselves to me.

Classes start on time, try to respect that.

The courses are financed on a donation basis according to the means of each one. The important thing, above all, is to stop yourself from practicing.
It’s very easy to make a contribution, it’s free, I use the LYDIA application, if you want more info, click here 

If this application is not available in your country, I have a paypal account, just let me know.

If the calendar does not appear below, refresh the page and if it still does not work, try this link by clicking here

If you need more info, contact me directly by email mark@yoganu.fr or by SMS / WHATSAPP – +33642273680

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