Yoga is a complete practice, it’s comprised of a number of approaches and is actually a very personal thing.

Each person should be given the tools to find the way to themselves.
Of course the physical aspect is a key component of the yoga system of Hatha Yoga, its called Asana practice.
Alongside this we must incorporate the breath and more than anything the consciousness of what we are doing and what is happening inside our bodies during our practice.

This practice on the mat, which is what is experienced in a yoga class should be the first step towards taking Yoga outside of the mat, becoming aware, conscious, of the way one is, acts, reacts, thinks, functions in everyday life.

Then one can slowly use the practice of yoga asanas to help with day to day life.

Once this process starts, one usually starts reflecting on the value system one has in relation to one’s self but also to the environment one live’s in. It’s probably then time to start reading the Yoga Sutrats, the Bhagavad gita and the Upanishads.

I teach yoga asanas and can share my experience of Yoga as an influence to the lifestyle.

I also incorporate other sources of knowledge and expertise of the workings of the physical body to try and give the best approach to shaping the physical body whilst doing the upmost to avoid injuries.

My yoga is not one of demonstration, its not a work out, its a work in.

My yoga is the tool box I use to go towards more freedom, more strength, more happiness, more understanding, a way to find the guru inside myself.

I offer classes, special moon phase sessions as well as workshops that complement the asana practice. I also organise and host yoga retreats in india. I also propose some cultural and spiritual breaks in India too.

I am also an experienced and recognized Ayurveda, Kalari and Tantra massage therapist with Thaï massage qualifications too. I offer massage workshops and master classes to learn techniques and practice this variety of styles of massage.

More information about my yoga classes here

More information about the moon phase yoga sessions here

More information about my massage workshops and master classes here

More information about the yoga retreats and cultural breaks in india here

Audio extracts from a lesson on the Ishavasya Upanishad by Sidartha Khrisna


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