Massage course

Massage Classes
Practice and Training

I have been trained in the best schools in India and Thailand
I received tips, tricks and advice from many traditional practitioners.

I have been practicing professionally since 2010,
I have been teaching since 2016.

Massage workshops and master class

I propose two approaches to learn and practice massage between men

5 hour workshops and 2 day Master Classes

4 practitioners maximum

Workshops last 5 hours
The freestsyle oil does not follow any strict protocol – 80 Euros
The thaï massage follows the traditional protocol* – 100 Euros

*each practitioner will receive a paper and pdf copy of the protocols

Master Classes take place over 2 days
each session is 10 hours
the cost is 250 Euro

Program / Calendar

 Sunday 13 September – Oil Massage
Sunday 11 October – Thaï Massage
Sunday 18 October – Oil Massage
Week-end 24/25 October – Ayurveda Massage Level 1
Sunday 1 November – Thaï Massage
Week-end 7/8 November – Ayurveda Massage Level 1



5 hours of practice and learning
from 2 to 7pm
4 participants maximum
rotation receiver / giver

Thai massage

    • Floor practice only
    • Learn and practice the WatPho Protocol
    • This technique is without oil, with clothes or a cloth on the area massaged
    • Accupressure and stretch technique
    • Each practitioner will give and receive the massage in 2 and 4 hand format
    • Beginners and more advanced practitioners can practice together

  • Oil freestyle massage

    • Table and floor practices
    • The massages are naked and use oil
    • There is no strict protocol to follow
    • I will propose to follow a certain logical pattern
    • I will guide, advise and assist
    • These massages are intuitive and creative using 2 and 4 hands
    • Beginners and more advanced practitioners can practice together



  • Level 1 – Traditional Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Kalari massage on table

  • Level 2 – Traditional Ayurvedic Kalari massage on table and floor

  • Level 3 – Erotic-sensual massage ‘Tantra Massage’ on the floor

Each level is carried out over two days, 10 hours of teaching per level.

Level 3 is only possible after completion of levels 1 and 2

The courses allow you to receive and practice traditional protocols and a very comprehensive course support is provided to each participant.

A certificate is given to each participant, validating the teaching received.

My courses are called Master Class because they are carried out in small groups of 2 to 4 people maximum which allows me to have my full attention and receive corrections directly, not to waste time, to be completely focused on the practice , to have the best possible interaction.

Each participant receives the best teaching and saves a lot of time in his learning.

The first day begins at 2:30 p.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m (4hrs)
The second day begins at 10:30 to 12h30 a.m. – 1:30 to 5:30pm (6hrs)


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