2020-05 – Des changements, des gros changements dans l’air

This month of May and especially the full moon last Thursday was very revealing for me. This allowed me to find clarity on the options I have and the direction I should take for the future. I am a person who needs to know where i am going, so I often need to set goals for myself.

All this resulted in a project that I started to detail on a crowdfunding site because it will undoubtedly be an associative, collaborative project – https://www.okpal.com/the-queer-ashram/ # /

I also recorded a video (in french) which details a little more what brought me to this point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PpRvzL2Tb8&t=1167s

Obviously it will be necessary that I return to France to see how things are there and continue the process to find the place in which I will want to invest and flourish in the near future.

Nothing is fixed, everything can evolve but it allows you to see a little in what state of mind I am and also the means that I am ready to give to move in the direction which is consistent for me.

If you are viewing the project and the video, please add a comment because it is only this way that I can move forward and that others may be interested in what I have to say and propose.

Thank you in advance

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