2019-04 Rishikesh, work, rest and enjoy

As this trip and Indian season comes to an end, my reflexion of this new dawn in this new lunar period is to listen more to myself and agree to not do. Allow myself to retire to my room, to the shade, out of the classes, the sun, the beach and to just reflect on the now. From the outside it might look like a very long holiday in some of the most beautiful spots in India but I can assure you that from he inside it was a lot of work. It was less emotional and traumatic than in past seasons, all went smoothly but there was quite a lot of preparation, organisation to be ready to take care, guide and accompany a number of guests throughout the season. The feedback I received, confirmed my feelings that I had found the correct recipe and balance, the key factor was that I had to step back, not get too involved and protect my intimacy and just let things happen, give time a chance and take as much rest as possible. I had learned from my experiences and through trial and error, I found my harmony.

I reached Rishikesh with hope that the Ganga would mellow my emotions and help me get ready to go home.
I got the room I wanted, a simple room in a simple guesthouse in a quiet neighborhood. Rishikesh can get busy, noisy and dusty and having tranquility is essential.
I spent my time going to yoga classes, sometimes one, two or none a day. I started with Ekta and then with Usha at the Omkarananda Iyengar school in the afternoons and I complemented this with Asish certain mornings and some Yin Yoga on Sundays. All these teachers offer ‘master class’ style teaching and practice, I learned so much and of course the practice involved made my body more aware, flexible and strong. I also had to finalise my newsletter and offerings for the coming season that is only a few weeks away. I have planned ahead quite a lot, with workshops and training programs. I will also receive training for the De Gasquet abdominal training method so that I can then propose workshops and include these exercises into my practice. I have also booked myself into Folleterre with some varied retreat themes. Its going to be busy both on a personal and professional level and I feel that this will continue in the years ahead. All this thinking and planing and verbalising it, communicating it kept my mind busy and took time.
Now, a few days away from my flight home, with most things done and dusted, I take some rest and start the mental preparation for re-entry into my Paris life. I have many plans for the next indian season, probably starting with some time in the western himalayas and maybe Ladakh in October, then the full winter season in Varkala with some retreats already scheduled and already receiving some interest and bookings. It will end in rishikesh with some intensive Yoga practice with Usha for which I have already signed up for.

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