2019-04/10 My French season

I returned home to Paris and went straight to Folleterre to spend a week on the magical land for the community working week. It was a wonderful moment, I loved working on the land in a variety of ways, digging up the pond, planting some fruit trees, cleaning the shit towers and working on the composting as well as changing the water valves and working on the new water tank. The team of fairies for that week was great and we all worked in unison as enlightened unicorns. I then returned to Paris and started back my yoga classes full of the insight and knowledge I had gained from the practices I had done in Varkala and Rishikesh. My students were there, motivated and I was happy to see them. My massage business also started back under the new dimensions I had laid out, I also started the workshops I had defined. I followed the abdominal training program and subsequently started that workshop too, alongside the massage classes and other yoga workshops. I had participants for all activities and the feedback was encouraging. I was so happy that the time I had spent thinking all this through during the winter was working out and being put to practice in a successful way. I nevertheless still had a sore point on my mind, I wanted to give myself more forward vision and had to think 5 and 10 years forward. This is when and how I decided I would try to get back into a university degree program to study psychology. This sounded like a good plan for my future, It could not only provide me with a new dimension to my activities but seemed very coherent with the path I have been following since 2010. First, I had to get my documents together to be able to get through the application process, this took more than a month as I needed to get my documents from the UK university I had attended many years ago and get them authenticated and approved as a French equivalent. In the end, I made the deadline for the application, it was approved and I was granted a place. This was for the standard university course in an open university program so that I could follow the course whilst in India or working in France. At the same time, I had worked on the traveling plan for my friend philippe to make him a proposal for a trip to India at the end of October. He had accepted the proposal I made, I was delighted. This new trip would take us to Manali and Rajasthan. Manali would be my first time, I had heard so much about this place that I really wanted to finally discover it. Rajasthan would be my third visit and  I was looking forward to making Philippe discover this beautiful and magical part of India. For this trip I had taken extra care to find gems to stay in so that it would be another memorable and unforgettable trip for the both of us. Once again I felt so lucky to be able to share my passion for India and be the organizer and guide for this. On the yoga retreat front, I had published the details and was getting some interest and bookings, I would be hosting two yoga retreats for men In Varkala, one in December 2019, the other in February 2020. On a more personal aspect, my mother had a pretty serious health scare. In the last few years, there had been some tensions between my mother and myself and it was an issue for both of us. This new situation helped getting us back together again and in a way I am grateful for this. I also continued my voluntary activity with Basiliade association and was present at the three day Solidays festival at the end of June, my fourth participation. So needless to say  the start of this Paris season had been extremely busy, I was ready for a break in the forest. I had planned to go to Folleterre on July 12th and I decided to stay there until the end of July to take part in another community working week as well as the annual assembly of the association. It was wonderful to be back there,  the first week was for the Pan gathering. Needless to say that there was a lot of playing in the forest, drumming, naked dancing around the fire and much more. A great atmosphere and group synergy. The community work week that followed was somewhat different and I was happy to team up with faeries I appreciated and work on the new toilet structure building with them. We were able to get it finished before the big storm that followed the heatwave but did not go any further than the structure. Some decorating issues came up and hindered our motivation. Also, during this week, when we are all supposed to be on the land to work and make improvements to the place, many were not really there for the same reasons. It was the end of July after all, this meant it was more of a summer camp atmosphere, the one I don’t particularly enjoy at Folleterre. We were also coming up for the annual general assembly and the subject of the financing of the Portuguese project as well as other uneasy topics were going to be discussed. This meant that there were politics and lobbying in the air, this did not help me feel at ease. I had spend nearly three weeks there, it was the longest I had ever spend there in one go. I had enjoyed great moments and some more difficult ones, It had all helped my progress, I was happy, it was time to go home to the city and enjoy the quietness of Paris in August. August went very well, it was quiet but my activities went well. September was not so good even though the yoga classes were pretty full, but the massage business is never great in September, I will have to remember this for next season and see how I can adapt myself to this trend. By the end of September it was time to start preparing to leave for my Indian winter break so I did a few health checks, I had been feeling a little tired for a while but had not thought much of it. I had a somewhat reduced activity and was taking many naps to overcome the tiredness. To be honest even throughout the previous winter I had been napping and resting a lot, was this normal ? I used the medical checks to inquire some more. The outcome was that I had a severe deficiency in vitamin B12 as well as some intestinal bugs. Both of these had probably been developing inside me  a while and do explain my tiredness. A few weeks into my new and correctly dosed B12 supplementation I was already feeling much better. The intestinal bug treatment kicked in and on that score I also felt vast improvements ,n my belly and digestion but also in my skin. For the past two years, I have been suffering from very dried skin on my feet and some localized eczema patches on them and these started clearing since I started to treat my intestinal bugs. Is it all related ? I don’t have all the answers but its looking good, very good  so far.  It’s great to feel this way, having achieved so much on both the personal and professional fronts. I am ready for the new beginnings that I have set for myself and ready to welcome all the things that I have not planned. It’s time for India once again.

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