2019-03 Varkala, return to base camp

A bit of many things

It seems that I am once again returning back to the basics. One can want to reach the summits but to attempt any uphill trek, one has to be prepared and the return to base camp is always necessary. It also happens along any way, a path that seems straight can reserve a few turns and bends. For the past year I have come to accept that its sometimes best to wait for things to happen rather than fill up my agenda with too many items created from the mind. Leaving the mind fill up the blanks for fear of being bored, can end up in being blinded by the mind and not being mentally or physically available for natural things that occur by themselves. I have opened myself to the unexpected, to nature and in some cases just let other things just sort themselves out on their own. It does not mean that I am not seeding and not working with my mind, its just that I try and feed my mind with creative occupations. On the beach I notice this very much as the nature itself tells me what to do, I let my movements and landscape ideas come from the plants, the decor, the nature. I try not to think but just to do. Trusting my instincts. I am naturally a person who feels many things in the air but also in people and situations and for this I have tried to not let the mind interpret things but just to serve things as they are and act on them as they are.
Since I returned from Auroville I have spent a lot of time on the beach but I have also spent many mornings on my rooftop, writing, meditating, thinking slowly and peacefully, letting things come and go. I have had many ideas and thoughts and have also had many people around me, friends visiting varkala, people met here and there. I have talked a lot, exposed some thoughts and ideas and with time these have settled and I have been able to make some progress and get more clarity. Regarding my Auroville project, I wrote to the entry servives department to start the application process, they directed me to the guest services. I wrote to them once, no reply, I wrote twice, no reply. I will send a final email to entry services making them aware of this, i doubt it will change anything, they seem very conservative and probably my application was not conform to what they expect or want. I needed to do it, I needed to plant the seed, lets see what and how it will lead to something.
Regarding the new faerie sanctuary in Portugal, its now open, faeries are there preparing the place for the first gathering that will take place mid april. I did some shopping fro them and sent 3 parcels, two of the parcels are currently held at Portuguese customs, hopefully they will be relased and delivered. I was thinking of going there straight after India but then decided to go back to Paris first. The cost and effort of going to the place that is in the middle of nowhere is holding me back from making plans to go there at this time, but i know I will be going there soon somehow.
I booked my ticket back to Paris, its for April 9th and I have also booked myself into Folleterre from 14 to 22 of April, so I will resume working activities in Paris from April 24th.
Its for the community week, a week were the theme is the opening of the house and land for the new season with many home improvement projects to be conducted. I have been told that this would be good for me as I am kind of a worker and there should be like minded faeries there for that week. I have also signed up for one week mid july around my birthday and two weeks at the end of August so that I can now work on my available weeks to plan ahead.

I rewrote most of my gay massage website and had to take down my traditional massage website because of a hack and virus that I could not resolve without a proper computer and backup files. I did some minor updates for the yoga website and I need to now prepare more updates for this site as well as the newsletter for when I return. I have a plan for a new retreat web site so as to get more visibility. I have many ideas and things to do but i am taking my time and letting nature tell me when to do things.

First project is to add some sunday and bank holiday workshops into my yoga and massage offering in Paris starting in May.
The second one is to do more publicity for the indian winter retreats as
I would like to have more participants and will have to get early bookings to secure room availability at the Oceano Eco resort as its the ideal place and I am not the only one to think so, it can sell out very quickly. The retreat program will not be too intensive and allow for rest time, but I will probably include a few afternoon and evening workshops. I am thinking of proposing a third retreat could be a massage and wellness program later in the season, maybe late February with daily massages treatments and some massage training. I need to see with my friend and massage partner here what is possible.
The third project is to seriously think about organising other retreat options in France and Europe and maybe other destinations. This would be for 2020 and could be in May/June and September/ October period.
Lastly I want to continue to be available for private retreats in October and June/July period. I know I do this very well and offer quite a unique and amazing experience in India and I am sure I can do it in other places too, such as Thailand, Bali, even America, lets say worldwide as long as its in a democratic country where homosexuality is not a crime.
I also now feel comfortable to offer not only the yoga but to also associate the massage training and a holistic approach.
All this is fairly straight forward but it did take a bit of time to materialise in my little head and i wanted things to settle on their own, in natural and logical way.
I was also busy with friends visiting, I was rarely alone these past months wether friends or casual encounters. I chatted, had fun and played around, it was good and very light.
I also kept my privacy private and my house stayed a very quiet and peaceful place. My friend Vibhu has been coming and staying when he is in Varkala as he is now working in Ernakulam and had a few issues at his home so he prefers to stay at my place.
I see Thangal and is family regularly, we go on some family excursions and have a very appeased and very friendly relationship, its great. His son has just started to be less afraid of strangers, so I can now play with him when I see him.
I have also spent a lot of time alone at my house just enjoying my own company and the quietness and inner silence and peace.
Its now time to talk about the body, my body. I knew I had to take my time and slowly get back onto the mat, I needed to gain back strength and stamina whilst working on releasing some tensions and improving flexibility. For the past few years because of my hands and other injuries I had to slow down a lot and focus primarily on giving instruction. I had lost a lot of strength, was feeling weakness and pain in my lower back and needed to get working on my abdominal muscles. My goal is not only to get back to where I was, but to improve on this whilst limiting the risk of injury and make progress. My body is essential for my health and also my business wether massage or yoga and now that my hands are healed and I have learned so much from my injuries, I can work on my body strength and esthetics too. During the past 2 years, the injury period, I used that time to study yoga more, the texts through reading and attending classes, meditation exercises and practices, being closer to nature, developing more interactions with others and learning to understand more my intimacy. SO after the end of the retreat and a few weeks taking it easy, I ws time to get working on the body again. I started at christmas and then stopped whilst in Auroville and then on and off for a number of weeks before making good progress in the last week. I had to first get to a point where I could push myself more and then the hormones start releasing stimulants, the exercises becomes natural, the body starts needing more, progress starts appearing. I hope I will keep it up, get fit and stay fit.
In two weeks I will be leaving Varkala for Rishikesh, These last moments will be nice as there are very less tourists now so the beach is very quiet again. These pats days the weather has been very cloudy and hot and I have not necessarily been going to the beach daily, I sometimes prefer just staying on my rooftop in the morning to write and study. I am taking it more and more easy and enjoying every moment. Somedays I feel some
So its the final leg of the Varkala season and its the time of festivals, music more or less 24×7 and next week the main temple festival wil start, I have never been here at that time and this year my departure date is set 2 days after the end of the festival so that I can experience it fully.

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