2018-10 A new season in preparation

A few days before the start, I can start writing and detailing my program for this season in India. I have planned this season to be long, if everything goes as planned, it should last a total of six months. It starts this Saturday, October 13 with the departure for Delhi then Calcutta, the first stage. This first part of my stay I accompany a friend, the date was decided in relation to the festival of Durga, an experience that I look forward to live again in the city of smiles and goddesses. Then we continue with the Kurseong tea plantations, the city and the outskirts of Darjeeling, a short tour to Sikkim before descending into the plain of Assam. Then I return alone to Calcutta for the Kali Puja and the Diwali Light Festival. I would then go south to stay a few days between Pondichery and Auroville, two places in Tamil Nadu that I do not know. Then it will be time to join Varkala or I will settle for long months. I organize a Yoga internship in December for which I already have some reservations and I planned a second in January but it is possible that I do not maintain this one, the decision is not taken yet. I want to have a lot of time for myself and to do some improvised mops, I still have not visited Karnataka too much and I dream of returning to Hampi. Fort Kochi will of course be on the list because there is the biennale this year and it is always nice to spend a few days there. In mid February I planned to join my friend Jules in Allahabad for the mini Kumbh Mella and Varanasi being very close I think to go a few days too before going down to varkala. In 2019 the festival of the big temple is early, it takes place from the 10th to the 20th of March, I have never been present in Varkala for this festival, I will wait until I finish before leaving Varkala and probably go back to 0 Rishikesh or I will finish my stay.

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