End of season in Varkala

These last two weeks have been very emotional, beautiful encounters, gay Pride of Trivandrum with other beautiful encounters, sadness to leave people and places and happiness to have all these emotions.
The undressing of the house took place over a week at the same time as the city was lit up with thousands of illuminations for the celebration of the annual festival of the main and historic temple of the city. A 10-day festival with entertainment programs every night for 10 days. Every day new lights are added neighborhood by district and also around the temple and the sacred basin. The highlights being the last two days with parades and rituals in front of the temple and the beach. The parade to go to the beach goes past my house with elephants and fanfares to take the deity to the place of the beach where she was found. A ritual takes place there to give the deity to the sea and see if the sea makes it to the temple for another year. This is a very beautiful ritual I had never attended. To close the whole parade with tanks, dancers fanfares parade throughout the city to the sound of drums.
The last days I took some yoga classes with Richard Logan, a chicago american who teaches here a yoga mixing Iyengar and vinyasa, a very intense and precise practice. It did me a lot of good to be guided and corrected and to see where I was with my practice.
In the end, my farewells with Varkala went really well, I am happy, happy and serene for the rest of the season. I can not wait to come back of course. This place remains for me a magical place where I meet great people, and it keeps dazzling me and filling me.
Next and last stage, Rishikesh which remains my end-of-stay ritual. This is another magical place where I feel very good and I can not wait to see the Ganges and bathe there and find another part of my healing.

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