2017 Paris, France, things are taking a new shape at home

When I returned home last April, I was soon back into the swing of things, busy with growing demand from yoga students and a steady flow of massages. I was trying to keep my mind on the path I wanted to take, slowing down on quantity and focusing on the study of the upanishads. I completed my yoga philosophy lecture and organised one session for my students. It was very emotional, the conclusion of many years of experience, thought and study and a very big stepping stone, giving me a firm base on which I could pursue my yogic path. The volunteering activity I had taken on last year was taking a new turn, I decided to invest more time in it, taking part in the organisation of our presence at a music festival, a fundraiser for AIDS related NGO’s taking place at the end of June. Everything was going very well, I was busier than ever. I had planned to go to Folleterre the radical faeries sanctuary for the summer solstice, the timing was perfect, I needed the break just before the festival and a heat wave made the camping that much more enjoyable. I returned to Paris rested and motivated for the festival. Three full days of Solidays festival, our mission being to give sexual education and AIDS and IST prevention messages to the visitors, we distributed our quota of condoms and had the replenish our stock from another NGO who was not giving out so many as us. We were all very motivated, we had a great time and made our point to many visitors. We also took part in the patchwork memorial service, I had never done this, it was a very special moment, full of pride, emotions and tears, giving homage to the AIDS victims. All in all, it was an amazing event, working with my colleagues and meeting other volunteers from other NGO’s, it was exhausting, I am looking forward to next year. Already July, I was tired and a little worn out from my June extra curricular activities. My hands had taken a tripple beating, my work schedule, some work at Folleterre, al this had lead to multiple tendonitis in the right hand. I then twisted my left wrist badly whilst reworking the garden arrangements of the courtyard of the building I live in, I was multiply injured. I had to face the reality, I decided to see the hand surgeon to see what should be done for both my hands. She injected cortisone to quieten the right hand issues and I took the decision to get the carpian canal removal operation done on the left side. This syndrome had been diagnosed on both my hands last year. I had received a cortisone injection in the left wrist at that time as it was the worst hit, but it was not enough, it needed the operatiom, the right wrist would also need that. I decided to plan the operation one month before my departure for India so that I would have time to recover. This meant that I had to work through the summer with reduced capacities and be careful to not create more harm, I had to limit the number of appointments. I also had to work throughout the summer and probably up until the operation so as to secure sufficient revenue to be able to finance the recovery break. Bookings for the winter retreats I was organising in Varkala were being confirmed, my winter revenue would be secured. Late august and beginning of september is a time when I do not enjoy to be in the city and I need to get away. This year I had accepted an invitation to go to the Seychelles late September, so I could not take the break earlier. The Seychelles was nice, we stayed on bird island, a bird sanctuary very close to the equator. I am not a big fan of coral reefs as they are beautiful on a photo but in reality lack life and are difficult to swim in. On this island one side had depth for swimming, the other was the reef, was shallow and was good for snorkeling. The current and waves were strong and swimming was not easy on neither side. Snorkeling was ok, some coloured fish but not that many, the best werethe sea turtles, swimming close to them was beautiful. The quantity of birds and the colours were nevertheless amazing as was the peacefulness of the place making it a great place to do nothing. I started to work on the collateral I needed for my winter retreats and read many books. I was also in good company so this made it a very enjoyable moment on all levels. The following weeks were spent working at a quiet rythm to try and best preserve my aching hands. I continued preparing the winter retreats both with yoga and massage collateral as I was going to start to give massage training.
The time to operate arrived very quickly and the operation went smoothly. The first week of recovery I spent most of the time in front of the television screen on Netflix. The second week I was taken to Venice, I had never been before, this was a treat. I enjoyed Venice and the art of the bienale, my friend treated me very well, I enjoyed being the guide and travel companion, a new role and maybe a new life for me was emerging.
Back in Paris I had to get everything finalised before I took off for India, I had a tight schedule, I was able to get everything done, I was ready to leave for a 5 month Indian season. This was the longest and most ambitious I have very planned. I was going to host multiple yoga retreats, give massage training courses, organise and guide two private tours,one in Kerala with Varkala as a base and another in the western Himalayas leaving from Rishikesh, I was excited, packed and ready to roll.

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