2014-09 Rishikesh, Yoga teacher training

18/9/2014 – Yoga 01 – My internship explained – Yoga Teacher Training YTT 200

I knew what I was doing by doing this second yoga teacher training, my previous 6 week session had taken place in December 2010. Almost four years have passed, my practice and my body have evolved, Like my lifestyle, my knowledge of the body and the effects of yoga.

So I arrive with a background and experience and I feel asking and ready to receive this teaching a second time. It is not redundant, but on the contrary will allow me to better assimilate the multiple information that will be presented to me. The implementation will be much faster, because I already give courses in Paris and my first course will be given the day after my return to Paris. It’s been about 18 months that I give yoga classes weekly and I want to develop this part of my activity to balance with my activity of massages. Moreover, the practice of yoga really helps me in my massage practice, both in my shape and my anatomical and respiratory knowledge, allowing me to nourish my massage.

Back here, now ;-), the training center site is nice, the view of the mountains on one side, the view of the rice fields on the other. It is located a bit away from the very touristy areas of Rishikesh, yet still fairly accessible. This allows for less distractions, stays at the center to rest and prepares for the next class and limits dietary gaps. The quality of the meals being very good in the center, there is no frustration at this level.

We are only eight on this session, we are two men and apart from a person who is 31 years old and one 22 years old, the other four are more or less 27 years old, so I am by far the dean of the group.

Our levels are quite similar, there are small disparities, but overall our group is of a higher average level. We therefore have good bases, flexibility, but not too much, and especially a good potential for progression.

Our teachers are really good, one of them taught me in the center where I spent my first teacher training, and the other is just as sharp and motivating. Both push us, make us hold the postures for a minimum of three minutes, correct us and bring a great intensity to our practices. Sweating and exertion are a must, as well as aches, because muscle strengthening of the shoulders, the abs and the back are very very very important for the realization of certain postures. The work on the flexibility of the different parts to open and stretch is equally intense with a practice assisted by straps, wall, and supports of the teacher.

The major difference with the first training I did was that as of the second day we were involved as a teacher, both in the methodology of giving a course and in the technical knowledge to be had. At least once a day, we must teach a posture, a correction, a mantra, a sequence, a theoretical teaching. It’s simply great, because not only does it make data storage easier, because there’s an immediate implementation, but it also helps improve our practice of teaching Asanas practice than theoretical aspects.

We have two daily physical practice classes, Asanas, that teach us how to perform and correct about 50 postures and their different variants, to practice intense stretching on a student and to teach a structured course and coherent. To facilitate this, our classes incorporate a lot of muscle building exercises, our bodies are pushed, they sweat and are a bit curvatus. Pauses are welcome.

There is also an anatomy course, a philosophy and history course in Yoga, a meditation class, a mantra course. I forgot the sessions of ‘shatkarma’ which are practices of cleaning of the respiratory and digestive organs. Some are daily, nasal cleansing with salt water, other weekly, nasal cleansing and descent to the mouth with a rubber tube, others will only be done once, complete cleansing of the digestive system by An ingestion of 15 to 20 glasses of hot and salt water and lemon and specific asanas practices to facilitate and accelerate the passage of water from the mouth to the anus. This last practice is only done every 6 months at the most, and must be prepared and followed by a simple diet (a mixture of rice, lentil and clarified butter called Kitcheri). Also on the program, a cleaning of the trachea and the esophagus by ingestion and vomiting of salt water.

Shatkarma performed, learning breathing techniques, Pranayama, applying blockages, Bhandas, and holding Mudras will be added to our teaching.

This course is much better structured than the one I did four years ago, I am not yet at the halfway point, I feel I have learned more and especially started the practice, I I am delighted with my choice and I languish every day of the new courses that are preparing.

Our professor of theory and meditation is a wise man whose path is very rich, he studied yoga with various professors, of which 4 years with a specialist of the Mudras, he followed that, followed a course of yogic studies Of 12 months, giving him a state degree. He also attended a naturotherapy course and received non-certifying training in Ayurveda. His teaching is rich and cheerful, he is of a very smiling nature, and he forces us to question ourselves daily on what we have learned and assimilated. These courses are therefore not at all easy, but the assimilation of precise, technical and historical data is thus simplified and improved.

It should not be forgotten that yoga is above all a science applied in a completely secular context. Any performance, presentation or assimilation with a religious and mystical practice therefore belongs to worship and not to yoga.

24/9/2014 – Yoga 02 – the stage ahead, fatigue also

As the training progresses, the body begins to feel fatigue and effort becomes more difficult. We practice physically nearly 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. We receive this physical education in addition to the theoretical instruction on anatomy, philosophy and meditation. We have duties to do, questions to answer, mini courses have given in each subject, so the mind is associated with the effort and in this last straight line that begins tomorrow for theory and next Tuesday for practice we will have to Give real courses. Tension rises for the group, people manage better than others, but in the globality that one is strong or not, fatigue is at the rendezvous. For my part, it is mainly physical and so I decided to rest today and not to practice and stay as an observer of the courses. I hope to give a day of rest to my muscles and ligaments and allow me to manage at best the last 8 days. It is clear that our Asana classes are extremely physical, arms, shoulders, back and abs are pushed to the bottom. Even younger and more flexible feel fatigue even if they admit it more difficult. Fatigue no longer allows me to know or take advantage of the progress I have made, but I know from my past experience that this kind of practice advances especially after the fact, which is undeniable is that my level of understanding Postures, connections, and all other theoretical aspects have progressed enormously and I feel in full possession of my yoga.

The little free time I had last Sunday I spent to go up a small river, to walk in the abandoned ashram or the beattles to stay in 1968, to bathe in the Ganges, bought Of the tissues, attended the aarti ceremony. This is a daily ceremony in honor of the Ganges, here in Rishkesh, that of Ashram Parmath Niketan is famous throughout the world for its ritual of songs in honor of the Ganges, Ganesh, but Especially in honor of Hanuman. The beauty of the songs and the quality of the musicians and singers merely sublimate the fervor of the Hindus who are here on pilgrimage.

The name Rishikesh refers to the Rishis, the holy men, the sages of the Vedic times. They had chosen this place on the banks of the Ganges and below the jungle and mountains to come to meditate, and it was here that they had their visions. These were then transcribed in the Vedas, data describing the essence and the science of life. In mythology it is Ganesh who transcribed them and when his pen broke, he broke one of his defenses to use it as a pencil. In reality, the texts would be very old, 15th century BC. This place is therefore far from being innocuous, a mythological reference and also a historical, spiritual and yogic reference.

3/10/2014 – Massages

I found here in Rishikesh two good masseurs, one just a few yards from the yoga training center where I live. His massage is not exceptional, but it is efficient and well cared for, and well above those I had before arriving here. In Mumbai I tried a more or less recommended massage parlor, but the place was really very dirty and the massage not cared for at all, real anything and quite expensive. In Udaipur I just tried a place and it was just passable, in Jodhpur nothing at all, I was not very fit, in Hardidwar, just as average as Udaipur, but with pop music in Sound background, not really a plus. So I’m happy with my fate here in Rishikesh, because it’s above average. So I took advantage several times a week of care to relax the muscles and tissues of my body strained by the intensity of physical practice. Some movements are noted in my notebook and I would hopefully integrate them into my practice and continue to enrich my care.

3/10/2014 – Yoga, yogi, the end of the training course and the training

I finish the course and the training by resting physically. In the last two days I have not attended the practice courses because my body has taken all that it can take and the time for reflection, rest is necessary to avoid any injury and especially to let the physical changes take place Place, as I repeat, the practice here is very physical and very advanced. This week was the one we had to teach. Both for practice and for theory, it will have been a pleasure and a success. For me the theoretical part was the most interesting. In philosophy, I presented the historical and contemporary texts and references of yoga, as well as the meaning of the mantras and their sung practice. In anatomy, I presented the risks of yoga stretching, breathing and abdominal strengthening.

The assessment for me is really very good, because this internship allowed me to consolidate the theoretical elements of yoga that I had already had the opportunity to study during my first training, but to associate it with experience And the readings I have had since. I already felt competent enough, I now feel really in possession of the theoretical bases of yoga.



On the level of physical practice, I had what I wanted, a physical and intensive exercise, perspiration and muscle strengthening, but I do not think I want to repeat this course again because I would prefer a more Fine and subtle and also more precise on the practice of asanas. But this allowed me to progress in my own practice and in my analysis of postural corrections to be made on others, which is the heart of the practice of teacher.

This course allows me to continue on my path as a yoga teacher and makes me want to continue learning, and to add to this approach specializations and I will hasten to find courses to follow to allow me this enrichment. I think I focus on an approach of gentle and subtle posture (yin yoga, ananda yoga or in this vein) and especially on meditation practices.

Indeed, we had here a real training in meditative practices. Our daily sessions were an opportunity to test many practices, mantras, chakras, breath, laughter, body scans. Also the postures, sitting, in balance, standing. Clear explanations of the techniques, their preparation, description, practice and perceived and non-perceptible effects. This really brought me closer to this practice because until now I had not had this quality of teaching and so I had a foretaste without real understanding associated with a very basic personal practice.



I will leave Rishikesh on Sunday to join Calcutta, a young graduate, cheerful and above all not too exhausted. This evening in rishikesh is the feast of Ram. This festival takes place 20 days before Diwali and it is the victory of Ram.sur Ravala which is celebrated. A large machined paper statue of Ravana, the demon who had kidnapped Sita, Ram’s wife, will be burned along the Ganges. I went to see the preparations this morning instead of my course and it should be fun to see. Tomorrow, graduation in the evening, the rest of the day is free, because I would not go during the morning, I would make a stroll, a massage, my laundry, prepare my bag and then there.

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